Sunday, May 26, 2013


So as you know Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows on tv. And on my long list of 'crafts to make' is to indulge in a little geekery and make myself a black apple doll version of my favorite, the eleventh doctor. (he's called that because he reincarnates instead of dying and this is his eleventh reincarnation)

Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor :)

My new eleven plushie! Complete with his red bowtie (because bowties are cool) and who can forget the fez?

Martha Stewart's black apple doll tutorial is pretty easy to follow.. I just had problems with the arms and legs being too small (so cut them bigger if you plan on making one too) And his jacket! Good grief I figured I could just cut and sew without a pattern but it took two attempts before I could get anything resembling a sports jacket. Who knew making a doll's jacket could be so difficult? Anyhow I love him! and now have a companion to eat fish fingers and custard with! Maybe.. a Sherlock black apple doll for the upcoming third season? haha

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