Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mimosa Birthday Brunch

It was my friend's birthdays recently (so many May birthdays!) and I had an idea to throw a mimosa bar/birthday brunch. The day didn't exactly go as planned but the food came out pretty good. It was more of a mix of homemade and pre-frozen assistance from Trader Joe's :)

The table.

The food. 

1. Hashbrown nests. I cheated and used frozen hashbrowns hehe. 
2. Simply a layer of vanilla Greek yoghurt, berries, and another layer of yoghurt :)
3. Magnolia's banana pudding. (I put them in the little canning jars. So cute!) And its ah-mazing. Now I don't have to drive down to LA for my cravings!! 
4. Simple vanilla cake with sliced strawberries in the center and this (also) amazing buttercream frosting. 

A close up of the macaron cake. 

The macarons are from Napoleon's Macarons. So good! They have this vanilla creme brulee flavor that I have yet to figure out how to make. And yes, my frosting techniques still definitely need some work :/ but its not bad looking from far away hahah. 

Anyhow.. Happy Birthday Linda, Happy Birthday Cheryl!!  Love you two :)

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