Monday, November 26, 2012

Crochet Minion and Cake the Cat

So I've been really lazy and just been posting pictures on my Instagram rather than updating my blog. Must be all the thanksgiving eating ;) Anyhow I've been trying to crochet everything that I want before the holiday starts and I have to begin with the present making!

I love love Despicable Me and have been wanting to make a Minion forever. I mean, I already made Agne's unicorn!  As far as the pattern is concerned, it was simple enough to just make up as I went along but there are a couple of websites with free patterns posted. Like here and here.

AND theeeeeen.. I totally started watching Adventure Time mostly because I've had requests for crafts related to that show. Funny enough my first (and favorite) episode is Fionna and Cake. I was so confused and thought that maybe Fionna was Finn's cousin or something but it turns out it was just Ice King's fan fiction. Booooooooooo. Still gotta love a tv show that does its own gender swap. 

Anyway, since I already made Jake the Dog, here's his gender swap version Cake the Cat! It's funny how fast I can crochet something when I really want it done. I whipped up Cake in about 7 hours.. during the new episodes of Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, and a couple episodes of Supernatural.. 

I feel the makings of Fionna's rabbit hood coming soon to go with Cake the Cat haha! Maybe when the Christmas rush is over ;) We'll see. I'm becoming a hoarder with all these softies that I've made that I can't let go. I swore that Mac the unicorn was going to be the last one, but then I made the Minion, and Cake! Cake will be the last.. I swear! And yes, there's Hobbes still going strong! He's getting a little worn down but is the unofficial leader of this motley crew :) 

Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of posts before the holidays. Maybe some easy peasy DIY stuff? Until then, Happy Holidays and happy crafting :) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modge Podge iPad Case

Anytime I get any electronic device (i.e. phone, Kindle, iPad) the first thing I do is spend all night making a case for it. For my iPad, I actually made two cases.

First one is like a notebook thing with a pocket for headphones and charger. AND its supposed to stand up but it was too flimsy and its a little bulky so I stopped using it after..

I made this envelope sleeve. It's a little snug but I love it!

And then my aunt came back from China and brought with her a bunch of iPad cases. It's ugly.. 
(case in point)

But it'll be good for school. So googled mod podging on fabric and went to work!

I read somewhere to modge podge the fabric first and then glue it on. So I painted a layer.. and left it overnight to dry. Then I glued it onto the case and left THAT overnight to dry. 
The end result. 

Not too shabby! I know.. you can still see the writing through the white pattern on the fabric. Should've used white fabric underneath it or something. Oh well! It's a little stiff from all the glue.. but it doesn't matter I'm only using it for school. :)