Monday, September 27, 2010

My New Friend Hobbes

So I woke up Thursday morning SICK, and I hate being sick because I can't work if I'm sick and I need to work bc I need money :( Anyhow long story short I spent the whole weekend on my bed watching How I Met Your Mother and feeling bad for myself bc my bf AND my sister were away having fun this weekend and I was stuck at home. So in the midst of my fever-ish deliriums and sweat attacks, I had the time to create a new friend to cry to when everyone else is gone. I've been meaning to make him for awhile, because hello next to Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes is like the best comic ever. And here he is! Hobbes, my new sick buddy :)

Stacy, and her new friend Hobbes :)

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  1. i did not know you had this amazingass blog katy! geezzzz i love it! i love hobbes!! make a calvin!