Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Applique Fun and other stuff

So I've been recently inspired to applique baby onesies, and thought, what about some of my sweaters? So I had some fun adding cuteness to my hoodies :)

I said it more than once, and I'll say it again; I loove this fabric :)
Anyone for some tea? :D

Just because cephalopods are awesome :) 
And just a note; it was mighty ambitious of me to applique this considering I'm still quite the beginner. Let me tell you, it was pretty labor intensive, and I'm glad it came out pretty decent :)

A panda I made awhile back for my panda friend :)

Continuing with the fluffy creatures, I made one in PURPLE! Next time, I should write down what I do, so it makes it easier for me to recreate what I just made hahaha

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  1. are you making these to sell or to kill me slowly..