Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quilts Quilts Quilts!

Amid all this wedding planning (any Asian American brides feel free to contact me so we can vent together how difficult it is to plan an American wedding with parents of traditional Chinese values :( ) I have once again picked up an obscession with quilts. Tara from radandhappy is my biggest inspiration!! I love love everything that she does.. and is 100% inspired by her cozy triangle blanket which I tried but still can't get those points straight :/

Also I came across the April Rhodes Arizona fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics and just had to make a quick lap quilt with two of the prints from the collection.

And finaaaallly.. nearly a decade later I finally made a Harry Potter quilt! All of those who grew up reading Harry Potter understand how deeply rooted the book series is to my heart. Now I can re-read it while cuddling under a great quilt! Pattern purchased here.

My Favorites! Ice Cream and Tea

I realized I missed National Ice Cream Day!! Any excuse to eat ice cream right? I quickly whipped up a cute amigurumi cone in my favorite flavor.. mint chocolate chip!

Also.. I came across this pattern for a mug bag.. which in my opinion is so awesome. Its a portable bag to carry around your favorite cup of tea and tea bags/sugar. I spent an afternoon sewing the bag for a coworker--combining his favorite things.. tea and Star Wars! I had this great extra fabric from JoAnn's that I bought and voila! I switched out the button for velcro instead.. I think it there would be less chance of it breaking open during transport? Anyway I think it came out pretty amazing and want to make one for myself.. with Doctor Who fabric instead of course :)