Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

SO today was my bf's nephew's birthday party. He's turning ONE! Boy does time fly. Anyhow I had allllllll these ideas in my head as far as what to make him.. so I narrowed it down to two ;)  A simple 'B' initial cloth book (first time with embroidery so it was fun to do) and this cool Dr Suess themed felt alphabet book/hanging.

The cover :)
Yeah, my embroidery needs a little work; but it still came out cute :D
And experimenting with my sewing machine and applique. The bass was hard... I think I'm ready to start quilt making now hahaha

The end. 

Here's the Dr. Suess-themed felt book :)
See, it folds up so you can easily travel with it..

And it opens up to a book-ish thing...

Or you can hang it! (For those of you who don't know.. felt sticks to felt so its mess free for little kiddos ;) )
And I cut out felt words in a 'Grinch' font for some alphabet fun.

Happy first birthday little one. Hope you enjoy your gifts!