Thursday, December 22, 2011

Easy DIY Christmas present.. #3 :)

Ok so I know that I'm not really allowed to complain about what is called "winter" in southern california, but really, it does get a little cold. Especially my extremities. Here is a super easy tutorial on some reusable hand warmers.

Fabric (any on hand as long as its microwavable)
Essential oil (optional)

If you have essential oil (I used lavender) place the rice in a small ziplock bag and add few drops of the oil inside and shake it around. 
Then, sew a small square together (mine is about 4.5x 4.5), leave about a two inch opening to pour in the rice and sew together! I used pinking shears to cute-ify it. Okay, mostly so I don't have to worry about the seams at all. 

Pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and the warmth should last about an hour. It would make great stocking stuffers and its totally reusable. Cut a bigger square and you can make feet warmers for those cold beds. Cut the fabric into different shapes for uber cuteness like hearts, animals, oh the possibilities are endless :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy DIY Christmas present.. #4 :)

So it's been forever again since I last posted.. too busy buying myself my friends gifts. And of course making them too :) For those of you who aren't counting, Christmas is four days away. Sooo for the next four days I'm going to post some super cute easy peasy tutorials that I've found (and tried) for those last minute gifts and/or stocking stuffers :)
If you haven't already, you need to sign up for pinterest. This website, and craftgawker, are where I waste spend the majority of my time browsing and just generally getting ideas for Christmas! And this is where the braided circle scarf tutorial comes in. I found this super cute scarf on pinterest. 
From a swedish website.. 
I thought.. "I can totally make this!.. once I figure out how to..." But thankfully I found a tutorial that did the thinking for me..
Annnd here's the scarf!
The tutorial is pretty straight forward and the scarf came together pretty much within a hour. The only thing that took awhile was blindstitching only because I'm lazy and don't like sewing by hand ;)

Just a note.. I tried it with a t-shirt that I cut up, and it came out too short and kind of cheap looking. This is the second attempt, with some knit fabric I got from Joann's. Much better, more fuller, and still about half the price  :)