Saturday, March 29, 2014

Roses, Foxes, Rainbows, and Apples!

Augh life has been busy with school and work and work and school and me just laying around on my iPad trolling tumblr and Pinterest in between. You know.. adding to my DIY board instead of actually getting around and making things :) Anyhow in honor of March.. (it's National Craft Month!! )here's a dump of a couple of things I've made since my last post..
RED VELVET ROSE COOKIES!!! Better than real roses let me tell you. Super delicious and super easy to make. Happy late Valentine's Day!! (Also, iambaker I love you) <3

FOX SLIPPERS!!! Because you know.. that's what the fox says..

So didya guys know that March 4 is National Pancake Day?!?! Actually it was just an excuse for me to try to make some rainbow pancakes. Who doesn't love eating something as cute as this? 

And this is my second attempt at another black apple doll. For a little girl who just turned one.. hopefully she likes it! I did try my best although I'm sorry I picked the wrong fabric for her skin tone :/ 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Projects

So I've seen peg dolls floating around and thought to myself.. why not try it! All I have to say is.. my painting skills definitely need work.
 Can you tell who they are!?!?! 
Sherlock and Jax Teller of course.. :)

The back of his cut. I tried the best I could but a steady hand I do not have. 

So now I can say, been there done that and lets leave the painting to the experts hahaha.