Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modge Podge iPad Case

Anytime I get any electronic device (i.e. phone, Kindle, iPad) the first thing I do is spend all night making a case for it. For my iPad, I actually made two cases.

First one is like a notebook thing with a pocket for headphones and charger. AND its supposed to stand up but it was too flimsy and its a little bulky so I stopped using it after..

I made this envelope sleeve. It's a little snug but I love it!

And then my aunt came back from China and brought with her a bunch of iPad cases. It's ugly.. 
(case in point)

But it'll be good for school. So googled mod podging on fabric and went to work!

I read somewhere to modge podge the fabric first and then glue it on. So I painted a layer.. and left it overnight to dry. Then I glued it onto the case and left THAT overnight to dry. 
The end result. 

Not too shabby! I know.. you can still see the writing through the white pattern on the fabric. Should've used white fabric underneath it or something. Oh well! It's a little stiff from all the glue.. but it doesn't matter I'm only using it for school. :)

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