Saturday, May 4, 2013

Silhouette and appliquéd onesies

So my other friends Mike and Tricia are going to have a baby girl! So I kind of went all out and made a variety of things for them. More appliqued onesies like the previous post..

Tutorial for the necklace onesie found here

Another home state onesie.. with a heart on LA <3

Okay.. I am pretty upset that this came out pretty bad. Sorry Mike and Tricia!!! I should have made it a solid color like Grayson's onesie and top-stitched instead of zig-zag stitched. It was way too small and my sewing skills could not keep up :(

But on another note this is the first time using my Silhouette machine to cut fabric. It is seriously amazing. That's how I got the state of California so perfect. I don't know why I didn't try doing it before.  Let me try to explain it in three pictures ... 

1. I found an image online and just used that on my Silhouette software 
2. Take the Heat N Bond and 
3. Iron it to the back of the piece of fabric that you want to use

4. And just feed it through the Silhouette! I ran it through twice just in case it didn't cut the fabric all the way the first time. 

*For those of you without a Silhouette machine.. Just print the image, cut it out, and trace it to Heat N' Bond. Iron it onto the fabric and then cut that out. 

Amazing. And then ironed that to the onesie and appliqué away! 

And yes.. that is a Cricut mat. My Silhouette mat sadly was put to rest.. and (quick tip!) found the Cricut one at Michael's using my 50% off coupon of course. Works with my Silhouette fine. 

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