Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Quilt #2

This is my second attempt on this style of quilt since Nolan's quilt last year and it's still just as fun :) The theme for Mike's shower is 'safari' with pink, brown, and green colors. It was a little hard finding safari fabric that I liked but I finally settled on cute pink pachyderms that fit the shower theme perfectly! I hope I didn't overkill with all the pink.. but I had a lot of extra pink on hand from my pink puppy rag quilt 
My sister commented that it was toooooo pink. But I think it came out okay. 

Close up of the name appliqué and the cute elephant fabric :)

Congrats guys! Also.. of course what would a shower be without a diaper bike! Hehe

With of course.. a crocheted monkey :)

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