Friday, May 3, 2013

It's monochromatic!

A while ago I made a gray chevron quilt (and a bunch of other gray chevron things) for my good friend Kris and her kiddie Grayson. Well, it's been awhile since I've seen them and thought that our next time together I would make some new things I've been seeing around pinterest. Like these super cute appliqued onesies!
So more gray chevron can't hurt haha. I appliqued an chevron elephant.. 
Our lovely home state of California with a little star at San Francisco.. since she's originally from San Fran ;)

The first syllable of his name bc to be honest his whole name would have been too hard.. haha

So this onesie isn't part of the monochromatic sceme. I made the San Fran onesie first and thought the chevron looked a little funny so I used this smaller chevron pattern for  San Diego (since she's also from SD) But after making it and comparing them the gray chevron one did look better :/

I also made some matching cloth baby shoes. Let me tell you, this is my second attempt making the shoes. The first attempt was from a Japanese cloth shoe book.. that was all in Japanese.  So I tried to just go by the pictures and the results were pretty tragic. 

Really. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. 

It actually was like four attempts. The shoe to the left was subjected to repeated assaults by my seam ripper as evidenced by the torn fabric.. until I gave up and tried to do it again with the shoe to the right. But that failed too! 

Luckily! I was on pinterest and came across a tutorial to make it. Unfortunately I can't find the link anymore but if I come across it again I'll put it up. The first shoe actually is slightly larger than the second shoe but I am so excited it came out so cute! I love it! It's a pretty good feeling to fail and something only to succeed later :)


Hehe. Sorry had to add this. LOVE FRIENDS <3