Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cake Decorating!

Did you know that when I was younger my dream job was to bake and decorate wedding cakes? True story. I also wanted to be a marine biologist and save all the marine animals. Those are probably my two dream careers. Not that being a nurse doesn't have its perks but eh. Life happens. Culinary school was too expensive and I was realistic about the outcomes of me pursuing a major in marine biology. Anyway the point of this is that I haven't forgotten how much I loved baking as a kid and when I have the occasion (and time) I do like to try a hand at some of the stuff I've picked up. I'm going to put some of them together in one post for you :) My favorite by far is the rose cake that I found from one of my favorite blogs.. iambaker

Here's my first try.. I made this cake for my friends' birthday. Let me tell you it was a disaster. It was hot and my homemade buttercream roses melted all off. I went to the store and bought some frosting which kind of saved the cake. If someone would please give me some tips to keep the frosting from melting I'd be greatly appreciated :)

Here is my attempt at her neapolitan rose cake. These roses came out much much better. Still need some work but eh..

Aannnd here it is cut. As you can see, the cake layers are a little uneven. My baking skills apparently aren't up to par either. Good thing I don't do this for a living ;)

For my sister's birthday last year, I didn't bake a whole cake because  there was no way that we could finish it between the both of us. So I saw this idea floating around the internet somewhere for 'mini-cakes'. I baked them in ombre colors, stacked them up and piped a rose on top.

Super cute and super quick. 

More recently, the other day my friend Paulyne was throwing a house warming party and I baked her a cake to 1. Congratulate her on her new home and new degree and 2. To practice a bit more on the rose piping. 

My ombre purple rose cake.

I did it in a rush.. but it still came out pretty decent. I can safely say that I am now comfortable in rose piping. What's next!? Maybe a petal cake or a ribbon cake? The last ribbon cake I attempted unfortunately did not fare very well so we will see :) 

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