Sunday, May 5, 2013

Silhouette and screen printing

Continuing on with baby shower gifts for Mike and Tricia.. I made quite a few things and didn't want to overwhelm everyone all in one post haha. I saw this circulating around pinterest and decided it would be funny to make it for Mike!

I don't make shirts enough to have a screenprinter at home, although that would be something awesome to have.. like a quilting machine too. Anyhow so I just put my trusty Silhouette machine to work. Love love that machine. Okay quick tutorial again! 

1. Take freezer paper and cut it accordingly to fit on the Silhouette mat (Or in my case Cricut haha) Make sure to place it waxy side down! Run it through the Silhouette. 
 2. After its cut iron it onto the shirt.
 3. Use fabric paint (I used the ridiculously expensive Martha Stewart paints) and paint in the letters. I let it dry overnight just in case... peel the paper off and voila! 

*If you don't have a silhouette you can just print out the image or text that you want and place the freezer paper (waxy side down) over the print out and trace it and cut it out. Easy peasy!

Stay tuned.. one more gift to come :)

EDIT: Here's the happy couple with one of the gifts.. pre baby haha. Glad it fits Mike! :)

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