Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some LA love :)

So I've mentioned before that I am going to school and working and unfortunately have not had much leisure time to make things anymore :( Unless of course it's a request or a baby shower (ugh because I am totally getting to that age where every other weekend is a bridal or baby shower) Life so far consists of school, work, catching up on my tv shows and fitting in exercise when I'm not being lazy.  However! I did make time for two awesome events in Los Angeles that I found out about this year.. (thanks Emi!) Challenge Nation and CicLAvia. For those of you living in the LA area these are a great way to explore this wonderful city especially if you're like me and lived here for about twenty years and rarely venture out of suburbia haha.

Challenge Nation is basically The Amazing Race. It's a scavenger hunt in downtown LA. You get a group of people and are given a list of twelve clues and sent on your way. It's mostly picture taking..
Like above.. we were given clues that led us to Grand Park.. and the instructions were to start hula hooping and take a picture in front of city hall :)  It said that it should be about a 3 mile walk.. but that's if you figure out the clue right and you don't have to back track. 

CicLAvia is a cycling event which they close down the streets in LA to bike on to promote a healthier form of transportation ..  and apparently this year is the first year the route went from downtown to Venice beach, about fifteen miles I think. Riders of all ages with many different bikes going a plethora of different speeds. It was so cute to see the little kids on their little bikes! There were a few runners along the route too. Crazy. It was also tons of fun and a great change of pace from just running around the block on Sundays :) 

Venice Beach! And yes, we biked back to where we parked. There's the option of taking the metro but we decided not to. 

On another note, I am happy to say that I FINALLY figured out how to braid my own hair.. ala Katniss style. Yes, young adult literature is my secret guilty-pleasure. I mean have any of you picked up John Green's The Fault In Our Stars or Looking for Alaska? I love his writing and also follow him religiously via tumblr and on his vlog :)

Yup. Only took several hours in front of the mirror and now I will wear this hair style everyday hahaha

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