Friday, January 16, 2015


You guys following @charliethedogemoji yet?! Hahaha honestly I'm just doing it to get free chew toys.. which I think only works if you have like more than 10k followers. You know uggs, rainbows and dog chew toys are expensive. When I first brought him home in September.. I also bought a crate since he spent half of his life in one at the shelter (poor thing) and figured he'd be comfortable. I wanted to make a cute cover for the crate and for the past five months it's just been a leftover scrap piece of fabric. Not anymore!!



It's really easy.  Measure the kennel.. and cut and sew six rectangles. The back, top, two sides, and then the last three rectangles for the front. I lined the inside with some navy herringbone fabric (cuz I'm in love with herringbone right now :))

His tongue is out cuz I'm creeping in his kennel and he thinks he's in trouble. 

 I figured Charlie didn't care if I ironed it.. hahaha

 And his name was done with the classic freezer paper and Silhouette combo like so

Annnnd voila! 

Yay Charlie! Happy dance time!

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