Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby Fever & Baby Quilt #4

When your bff is having a baby... you can't help but go a little overboard. And then.. when your bff is having a GIRL.. well you might as well throw the life vest and life boat over too! My bff Linda is due  March 6 and her baby shower was today! I just had to make her all the super cute stuff that Kris has introduced me to the past year haha.

Of course a newborn set with too-cute-for-words florally rose garden knit print with headband and matching leggings and knotted beanie (not pictured) And some white moccasins :)

A newborn knit swaddle blanket and matching headband

I love love love this patten from milliemakes on ravelry and was planning to make myself a couch throw for my sofa (doesn't it look cute there?) Anyhow I crocheted to a baby blanket size measuring about 35"x 40" I am totally in love with everything about this. From the colors to the texture.. but granny squares and I have a love-hate relationship. This blanket took about a week and a half to crochet. 

A close up because I really do love this that much.. haha. 

Annnnd finally of course the infamous baby name quilt. I went with coral colors mostly because that was the baby shower theme and I currently am having a love affair with that color. Sometimes I pick the color scheme based on what backing fabric I want to use and other times I pick the colors ahead of time and fortunately find a patterned fabric that I like. This time it was the latter. Also thanks, Linda, for the eight letter baby name. I wish I could say it made quilting the letters easier blehh. 

Ah! In case you haven't seen the flowers everywhere.. I figured it was fitting since Linda is a florist <3

Auuuugh so excited. Congrats again to Linda & Bock. Can't wait to meet McKenzie ;)

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