Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costumes :

It's Halloween time! I love Halloween mostly because I love making things :) When I was younger Halloween was all about revealing costumes purchased from Legg Avenue.. you know the sluttier the better! However I think I'm over that period (Or just older and fatter) and am leaning more towards comfy and cute. Mostly comfy (and cheap!).. i.e. my costumes the past two years. 

Cheshire cat in 2010. Super easy.. I messily threw together a pink and purple skirt from knit fabric and had a striped purple and pink tank. Crocheted ears attached it to headband and then a tail to attach to the skirt.. and VOILA! Cheshire cat :) Probably came out to less than $10.

Glee fanatic over here. So of course I was a female Warbler in 2011. Found a JCrew blazer at Goodwill (score!) for $8. Sewed on bias tape I bought from Jo-Anns $2. Bought the patch from ebay for another $2 and then the tie somewhere online for $15. $27. The tie made it a little expensive :) AND BTW NOONE REALLY KNEW WHO I WAS! 

So this time around I REALLY wanted to be comfortable. I saw this  on pinterest and had to make it! You can read the tutorial if you want.. it's pretty detailed but I was too lazy to and just kind of looked at the picture.

I just took my most comfortable dress and used it as an outline for the fish costume. Then added a hood and cut out scales and glue-gunned them to the dress. I just bought two yards of fleece fabric (on sale!)  at Jo-Ann's for < $10.

Aaaaand here's how it came out! Not bad.. of course it looks way cuter on that little kid. Stupid me I used fleece. Should've stuck with the knit fabric. Living in southern California for so long you would think that I would know by now that it would still be like 80 degrees at the end of October. At least it was sleeveless ;)

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