Friday, October 26, 2012

Adventure Time: Finn's Backpack

So Halloween is just around the corner, and earlier this month my friend Barbara asked me to make her Finn's backpack from Adventure Time to add to her costume (which I really should start watching since earlier this year my coworker had asked me to crochet Jake the Dog from that show too!) Anyhow never having made a backpack before.. Challenge Accepted!!

For those of you who aren't familiar, here's Finn, his backpack, and his dog Jake. Haha.. they're a little weird looking if you ask me.

So here's the final product! I completely winged it.. I just kind of put the bag together the same way as my Amy Butler weekender and it didn't come out too bad. I just wish I should have used something stiffer to give the backpack more shape. Oh well! 

It's a fully functional backpack, with a large zippered pocket big enough to store a sword and whatever else you might need for those adventures ;)


  1. I love it so so so much!! I'm using it as my every day backpack now :) <3 Thank you so much it is so professional and beautiful looking :)

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