Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chevron Love

Chevron has been all over the crafting blogger's world for the past year and its really gaining popularity. Like I said before I am in love with it obsesssssed with it. I mean, I've made.. 

Chevron striped chair cushions for the dining table

Chevron throw pillows and crocheted chevron patterned afghan

My next plan was this! that I found on pinterest (of course) whenever I gather enough courage to actually start a quilt. But theennnn I saw this. I've made Amy Butler's Weekender before, and remember being really really frustrated because it was so hard to sew through. I told myself that I was just going to make this one bag and that is ALL. 

But I never used it. Maybe partly because of the color (I'm not really a pink person) and partly due to the fact that I couldn't shoulder the bag thus making it a nuisance to carry. After I read through the link... I was inspired to give it another go with some of the tweaks from Stitches and Scissors, this time with a color that  I love :)

My new weekender.. in a lovely aqua chevron with longer handles

And an extra zippered pocket on the other side

And pockets on the inside! I also machine sewed the top of the lining to the bag and it was so easy and came out nice and clean :) I stuck with the Peltex instead of her Decobond. I made sure to cut the Peltex a little smaller so I didn't have to sew through all those layers. It was still hard though. 

My sister said it looks like a large diaper bag...but I still love it and am so happy and excited! My new weekender, just in time for my roadtrip from WY to CA. A nice little bday present to myself.

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