Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby Showers!

Everyone around me is having babies! Which, thanks to pinterest, is awesome because that means I'll finally get around to making things. For my coworker who's having twin girls...  I wanted to make a diaper cake and never having made one before I went a-googling ;)

It looked a little plain so I crocheted some monkeys to spice it up a little bit. 

While I was looking up how to make diaper cakes, I came across this awesome website with a tutorial for a diaper bike! Here's how it turned out 
And of course, I had to crochet a little friend to ride the bike :)

I also appliqued some onesies and packaged it back up with a chevron elephant for a cute little gift. I loooooove chevron, and so does my friend Kris, sooo I totally went with a chevron theme for her baby gifts. Kind of went a little crazy though hahah. I'm sure she didn't mind :)

I think my favorite is the bowtie onesie. Because bowties are cool**
A mini chevron elephant..
To go with the chevron diaper clutch set... with matching travel diaper changing mat and a decorated baby wipes case. Found this PUL fabric at JoAnn's, it's the same fabric they use for cloth diapers so its water resistant. Or rather 'pee' resistant. 
And its chevron diaper clutch. You know for those quick trips where you don't want to lug around that diaper bag. Surprisingly everything fit inside! 
And lastly, what supposedly was a chevron baby blanket.. I made it a little too big. So I guess it's a crib throw now haha.

**It's really too bad there are no Whovians in my circle of friends. Would've been fun to make some baby doctor who crafts

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