Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love pillows and I love stuffed animals (I have like a million on my bed) so it's about time that I make a stuffed animal pillow. Like pillow pals! Muahaha. Anyhow my first try came out kind of bad due to my laziness.. and my inability to follow a nice curve hahaha.

In case you can't tell.. it was supposed to be a penguin. (bc penguins are AWESOME!) 
Kind of cute.. in a homemade bummy way. 

So I showed it too my boyfriend; who actually liked it and tried to take it away from me. Which gave me the idea to make him one for VDay ;) I tried to make it nicer this time.. 
Valentine's Bear! :)

I added the heart just so he knows the love is there haha. Definitely need more practice with sewing curves. (Btw I got something less cute.. instead of chocolate and flowers; a 8 lb weight ball. Seriously. Thanks hon I get the hint.) 

On another note: I have been eyeing this super cute cupcake apron from Anthro for awhile (I know.. aprons are another thing that I love even though I don't exactly cook hehe).. debating on whether or not I should remake it with a different cupcake fabric pattern.. 
AND I wanted it even MORE when I saw Charlotte York wear it on Sex and the City! :)

Anyhow I was at Border's today bc my one of my bff's got me a giftcard there for Christmas AND I FOUND IT THERE.  It retails at Anthro for $32.. Border's sold it for $24. Totally random and SO AWESOME. So of course I bought myself one! Happy Valentine's Day to me. And thanks Cheryl I love my new apron ;)

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