Friday, February 11, 2011

Anthro Apron tutorial

I just want to say; I just saw Spring Awakening @ Pantages yesterday and it was AMAZING! Looved it :)

Anyhow on to the tutorial I promised :)
Here's the Tea and Crumpets Apron again; Just because it's so cute ;)

1 yard white 
1 yard pastel green color
Sewing machine
Corresponding thread

Cut two rectangular pieces from the white fabric; sizing it up to your body; making it as big as you want. Also cut three strips about 3 inches wide and twice as long as your rectangular piece.

Use the three strips of white fabric and ruffle them. ( See previous post for instructions) Sew three ruffles down middle of one rectangular piece. 

Cut four strips of white fabric about 3 inches wide and as long as you want the neck straps to be. Sew along all three sides, turn inside out and top stitch along the three sides. 

With right side facing down, pin the straps on the inside of the two rectangular pieces with the raw edges facing out. Sew along three sides, leaving the bottom side open. Turn inside out and top stitch along the three sides.

Next, cut two strips of grey fabric about two inches wide and as long as the rectangular piece above is. Fold in half and iron down.

Take one grey strip; pin to raw edge of the rectangular piece and sew. Cut once strip from pastel green fabric 4 inches wide and as long as the white rectangular piece is. Pin and sew to grey strip. Take the second grey strip pin and sew to the green strip. Make sure the match the raw edges. 

You are now finished with the top portion!

Now take the pastel green color and cut two more large rectangular pieces and long and as wide as you want the bottom part of the apron to be. (I cut the bottom piece a little bit wider than the top because I wanted the bottom apron to gather and ruffle a little bit ) Cut one more strip from the white fabric twice and as long as the  rectangular fabric you just cut. Fold the white strip in half, and sew across. Next, about 1/2 inch above that line sew a running stitch. Take the thread and pull to ruffle. Pin the ruffle strip between the two rectangular pieces. Make sure the raw edges are both out. Sew along the three sides; leaving the top edge open. 

Turn inside out and top stitch around. Pin the raw edge of the bottom part of the apron to the top part. Here's where I took the extra fabric and gathered it around the middle so it would ruffle slightly. Sew together.

LASTLY; cut four strips about 3 inches wide and as long as you want your apron straps to be from both the green and the grey fabrics. Make the two apron straps (Follow the instructions from previous post from the belt) Pin to side of apron and sew on. Top stitch and Voila! An new uber cute apron! :D
Not exactly the same; but hey close enough for me :)

Don't laugh; here it is in use! The next Iron Chef of America; with style ;)
I'm sorry, I know I didn't take a lot of pictures this time. I just in such a hurry to finish it. And I know I'm missing the flower and the pocket. I was debating on adding a pocket or not; but laziness won out. Hahaha maybe later on if I have the fancy to I will. If you have questions feel free to email me. Enjoy ;)

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