Monday, January 10, 2011

Handmade funness :)

So I haven't been blogging due to all the Christmas presents I have been making :) I always love giving handmade gifts because I like to think they are worth so much more than store bought presents due to all the work that goes into them (and I hope the recipients think so) Here's a few of them ;)
My first apron. It came out pretty cute :)
An owl pillow for someone who <3's owls

Plug Protectors +
Cute felt heads =
Super cute plug protectors in preparation for a curious little baby
I TOTALLY love how this Hello Kitty beanie came out :)
For someone who loves dinosaurs ;)

Because nurse are AWESOME :)

I almost forgot my four-legged friends :)

A Christmas collar for Penny
New sweater for Diesel. Now everyone can tell she's a girl ;)

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