Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recycled Dog Sweater :)

Saving money is always awesome. So is saving the environment. Thats why when you combine both its like the ultimate awesomeness.  My little senior at home gets cold around this time and we couldn't find the sweater my sister spent $30 on him last year. Sooo I took an old red zip-up hoodie. cut off one of the sleeves.. trimmed the ends and added two armholes.. and VOILA! A recycled dog sweater.
Here's Senior #1 (aka Skippy) modeling his new dog sweater

Soo.. my Senior #2 (aka Penny) became a little jealous that Skippy had a sweater on and she didn't. AND me, not wanting to shell out the $60 for a sweater for a large dog; took the rest of the hoodie, cut off the other arm, whipped out the sewing machine and took in the sides of the hoodie to fit her waist.. and VOILA! Another dog sweater for her :)

Senior #2 happy about her cute hoodie :)

And now, everyone is one big happy family again :)

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